Anlaşmalı Kurumlar

All treatments offered by Badge Clinic are performed in renowned and highly recommended, internationally certified hospitals centrally positioned in the heart of the city. The all-inclusive packages include accommodation at 4-star hotels which are conveniently located close to the hospitals.

  • Medicana Kadiköy Hospital
  • Academic Hospital
  • Fraser Place Antasya Istanbul
  • Park Inn Radisson Atasehir Hotel

Medicana Kadiköy Hospital

Medicana Health Group, which is among the pioneers of the private hospital sector, has made its name with important investments in healthcare sector and taken place among the best 500 firms of Turkey, continues growing with its new Medicana Kadıköy Hospital.


Medicana Kadıköy Hospital neighboring the Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saraçoğlu Stadium in Kadıköy, Kızıltoprak, brings health to the whole Anatolian coast with world standard healthcare service and strong physician staff.

The hospital has an indoor area of 15 thousand square meters and while it fills a great gap in this field by rendering services with Medicana strategy, it also has a distinguished academic staff experienced by residents of Anatolian coast.

Adding both modern medical technology and comfort and friendly Medicana care to its specialist and distinguished physician staff, Medicana Kadıköy Hospital is an attraction center for whole Istanbul. Medicana Kadıköy Hospital has a 12-storey building and is with you along with its 450 experienced employees.

Academic Hospital

Academic Hospital continues to rise higher in the healthcare sector with its strong, professional, well-rooted and distinctive academic staff. As the Academic Hospital Family, while giving world-class healthcare services, the aim is to provide medical diagnosis and treatment options to the patients at the highest level made possible by technology; making use of the professional and scientific staff as well as the modern equipment and infrastructure.

Academic Hospital has been actively functional since 1997. The employees have embraced the hospital and will continue to generate healthcare services with numerous new investments for years to come, adopting a quality, caring and most importantly, ethical approach to healthcare.

There are over 60 academic faculty members, each valuable in their own way, serving in various fields and sub-fields. In addition to this vast academic faculty staff, there are 29 specialist doctors from various branches, proven in their fields and serving in the establishment for years.