As a renowned and experienced team truly dedicated to offering reliable and quality-oriented medical treatments, Badge Clinic welcomes patients from all over the world who want expert care in a private, convenient setting. The entire Badge Clinic staff is committed to making the process positive for our international patients, and we will work with you every step of the way to ensure your travels, stay and surgical experience are safe, successful, and convenient.

While there are a few extra factors involved in traveling for aesthetic surgery, we aim to provide you with all of the information you need to easily plan and prepare for your cosmetic procedure at Badge Clinic. For that purpose, we have laid out a comprehensive patient guide that covers all you need to know before traveling to Istanbul.



To get some general information you can browse our website, contact us via filling out our contact form, sending an email on [email protected] or simply call / message us on WhatsApp through +90 535 394 0909. Shortly after receiving your message our qualified medical consultants will get back to you and provide a detailed description of the treatment options and the travel steps while answering all of your relevant questions and concerns.

Once you decide your treatment and choose your Badge Clinic surgeon, you will fill out our medical history form and send the photos of your body areas to be treated for assessment by your surgeon. After a thorough evaluation you will be offered an individually tailored surgical plan.


At this stage you are also welcome to meet your surgeon on a webcam video consultation where you can receive a comprehensive treatment plan and have the opportunity to discuss any remaining questions you might have in person with the surgeon.


Following your approval of the treatment plan, you will be required to send us a deposit payment in order to secure your booking and schedule your surgery. This amount will be taken off from your cosmetic surgery package. The outstanding balance needs to be paid in Istanbul after your initial consultation with your plastic surgeon.


We kindly ask you to book the flights by yourself. There are two international airports in Istanbul, Sabiha Gökcen Airport (SAW) and Istanbul Airport (IST). Our VIP transfer team provides transportation from both airports, nevertheless due to its proximity both to your hotel and the hospital we advise you to book your flight ticket to Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW).


As soon as we receive your flight details, our representative will reach you and arrange hotel accommodation, airport transfers and your personal care consultant. Your medical travel itinerary will also be prepared and sent to you.


Our standard package includes accommodation at a 5 star hotel (bed & breakfast) with VIP shuttle transfers between airport, hotel and hospital throughout your stay.


Following surgery you will be provided with body compression garments depending on the type of your operation: One piece of faja is provided for liposuction surgeries (the exact garment model depends on the body regions receiving lipo treatment; if deemed necessary by the surgeon an abdominal binder and liposuction boards or foams will be provided as well). One piece of medical compression bra is provided for every breast surgery. You are also welcome to buy a spare garment/bra at a small additional cost.


We provide you with compression stockings, which you need to wear throughout your hospital stay and also on your flight back to home. You will also receive painkillers (NSAIDs; non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs as well as stronger painkillers, depending on the surgeon’s recommendation) and antibiotics from us to prevent infection formation.


We kindly ask you to pay your outstanding balance (total package quote excluding your deposit) after the face-to-face consultation with your surgeon before the surgery as otherwise we will not be able to provide any medical service.


Please note that the payment has to be made in cash and full amount on the day of surgery just before operation (Money transfer, credit or debit cards are not accepted as a valid payment method).


Please be aware of the fact that you should be healthy to undergo your surgery. The usual contraindications to surgery are: high blood pressure, anemia, cough, and cold. Please check with your GP to make sure you are not suffering from any of the mentioned above. You should not take blood thinners (such as Aspirin, Coumadin etc.) for the last 2 weeks prior to the surgery.


Avoid nicotine in all its “forms’ of delivery minimum 2 weeks prior to surgery and 2 weeks post-op. It is a powerful constrictor of blood vessels, decreasing blood flow to the body tissues which could potentially lead to wound healing problems. Please also do not consume alcohol and green tea the last week before and the first week after the surgery.


The supplementary intake of multivitamins is not necessarily needed. Instead, the maintenance of a healthy diet is strongly recommended. You are also advised not to consume table salt for the last 3 days before and first 3 days after your surgery in order to help minimize swelling.


If you use contraceptive pills, it is recommended to stop taking those 3 weeks before the surgery as these pills carry a slightly greater risk of embolism.


Please pack as little as possible as if you are coming over for a cosy holiday. It is not advised to carry heavy items after the surgery. Bring easily wearable and comfy clothing, front fastening tops and pyjamas with you, and make sure to pack comfortable shoes, such as trainers, as well.


It will be a good idea to bring a universal adaptor with you for your electronics chargers as Turkey just like the rest of Europe operates on the same 2 round pronged outlets whereas the UK and Ireland operates on its own unique 3 flat rectangle pronged outlets. Also, a V-shaped support pillow, shewee (female urinating device) and disposable underwear are not mandatory but desirable items to bring along for a more comfortable stay.


Please also do not forget to check the validity of your current passport and visit the website here to purchase your e-visa before flying in to Turkey:


Upon landing in Istanbul, you will be welcomed by our VIP transfer team at the airport. Their contact details will be provided to you prior to your arrival. After you are picked up, you will be transferred to your hotel to get a good rest before the day of surgery.


If not instructed otherwise please do not eat or drink after midnight of the day before surgery.


We kindly ask you to remove acrylic nails, nail polish, fake eyelashes, fake hair, all jewelry and piercing if you have any of them on your body. In case that you wish to keep your piercing holes from closing up, please replace all metal piercings with plastic retainers before the surgery.


If your menstrual cycle overlaps with the surgery day be advised that this is a normal finding, does not interfere with surgery and poses no additional risk.


In the morning of your operation day our VIP shuttle will be ready again to transfer you to the hospital. Once inside, the reception desk on the ground floor will make all the necessary arrangements and you will be escorted to your room for carrying out the routine blood tests and anesthesiology examination.


Shortly thereafter a face-to-face with your surgeon will take place. Please make sure to discuss all your questions and concerns in detail with your surgeon during the consultation to avoid any misunderstanding from happening. We also kindly ask you to make certain that you have read the consent form before signing it. Once your consultation and necessary arrangements are completed, your procedure will be performed.


Depending on the type of your surgical procedure and the individual assessment of your surgeon, you will be required to spend 1 or 2 nights at the hospital. Throughout your stay you will be followed up closely by your surgeon and all the necessary postoperative instructions for your recovery will be provided. The last check-up with your surgeon is arranged usually one day before you leave Turkey. Depending on your flight schedule it can also be done early on the day of your departure.


You are kindly advised to plan and book enough time off from work for your recovery. It is important that you as a patient will take this seriously and understand that you have to follow the post operative directives given by your surgeon to ensure achieving the best possible result at the end of your recovery period. During that time you will also be in direct contact with your designated consultant for further follow-up on regular intervals.


For the best results it is recommended that you continue using your compression body garments for 4 to 6 weeks following surgery. While heavy sports, swimming, lifting or running are not allowed for the first 3 weeks after your surgery you are also advised not to stay completely inactive and sedentary after your surgery. Short walks on a routine basis and a healthy diet rich in proteins and green vegetables will certainly help in that matter.

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