Breast Lift Turkey (Mastopexy)

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General Anaesthesia

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1 Night

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Total Stay in Turkey

5 Nights

After Treatment

Plasters will remain on for about 2 weeks, sutures will be absorbed, compression bra should be worn for about 3 weeks

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    Elevate Confidence: Breast Lift in Turkey at Badge Clinic

    A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, raises the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new breast contour. Sometimes the areola becomes enlarged over time, so a breast lift Turkey procedure will also help to reduce this as well. At Badge Clinic, we can help you if you have concerns about the look and shape of your breasts, sculpting the profile you’re looking for by rejuvenating your figure to be more youthful and uplifted. 

    To arrange a free consultation for a boob uplift Turkey procedure, please complete our online enquiry form. We’ll respond as soon as we can to start discussing your treatment options.  


    What Is a Mastopexy Turkey Process?

    Your breast lift Turkey procedure can be achieved through a variety of incision patterns and techniques. The appropriate technique for you will be determined during your consultation, based on the following: 

    • Breast size and shape 
    • The size and position of your areolas 
    • The degree of breast sagging 
    • Skin quality and elasticity as well as the amount of extra skin 

    Breast Lift Turkey

    How to Prepare for Your Mastopexy in Turkey

    Preparing for your breast lift in Turkey is crucial to ensure a smooth and successful procedure. Start by scheduling a consultation with your plastic surgeon to discuss the expectations for your breast uplift in Turkey and your medical history. During this appointment, your surgeon will provide detailed instructions on pre-surgery preparations. It’s essential to follow any pre-operative guidelines provided, which may include abstaining from certain medications, adjusting your diet, and refraining from smoking, as it can affect the healing process.

    In addition to medical preparations, make practical arrangements for your recovery. Arrange for someone to assist you during the initial days post-surgery, as you may experience limited mobility. Stock up on necessary supplies, such as loose and comfortable clothing, post-surgical bras, and any recommended post-operative care products. A well-prepared approach ensures a smoother recovery and enhances the overall experience of your boob lift in Turkey.

    Breast Lift Procedure Step-by-Step

    Step 1 – Anaesthesia

    Before your Turkey breast lift surgery begins, you will have the option to choose between intravenous sedation and general anaesthesia for your comfort. Your surgeon will guide you in selecting the most suitable option, considering your individual needs and preferences. This ensures that you experience minimal discomfort throughout your breast uplift in Turkey.

    Step 2 – The Incision

    The incision phase involves choosing from three common patterns around the areola, vertically down from the areola to the breast crease, and horizontally along the breast crease. Your surgeon will determine the approach based on your specific case.

    Step 3 – Reshaping your Breasts

    Once the incisions are made, your surgeon will reshape your breasts by lifting and restructuring the underlying breast tissue. If necessary, areolas are reduced, and excess skin is removed to enhance breast contour and firmness.

    Step 4 – Closing the Incisions

    After reshaping, the incisions are closed. The quality of the resulting scars depends on factors like genetics, nicotine exposure, and infection. Your surgeon will work to minimise scars, but it’s essential to understand that not all incisions may be suitable for everyone.

    Step 5 – Your Results

    The immediate results of your Turkey breast lift surgery are visible, with some expected swelling that will subside shortly after the operation.

    Aftercare for your Boob lift in Turkey

    Aftercare is a crucial aspect of ensuring a smooth and healthy recovery following your breast lift in Turkey. Your surgeon will provide detailed post-operative instructions, including guidance on medication, wound care, and physical activity restrictions during the initial recovery period. It’s vital to follow these instructions diligently to promote optimal healing.

    We suggest that you arrange for a support system during your recovery, as you may need assistance with daily activities. Wear the recommended post-surgical bras to provide support and reduce swelling. Attend all follow-up appointments with your surgeon to monitor progress and address any concerns promptly. Taking care of your physical and emotional well-being during the aftercare phase contributes significantly to the overall success and satisfaction of your breast lift surgery in Turkey.

    Who is Suitable for a Breast Lift in Turkey?

    A boob lift in Turkey is a highly personalised procedure designed to cater to individual needs. It is crucial to undergo this surgery for yourself and not to fulfil external expectations.

    You may be a suitable candidate for a breast lift if you are physically healthy and experience concerns such as sagging breasts, loss of shape and volume, or elongated and pendulous breast shape. Other indications include nipples falling below the breast crease, downward-pointing nipples and areolas, stretched skin, enlarged areolas, or uneven breast positioning.

    What are the Risks of Mastopexy?

    While having a mastopexy in Turkey is generally safe, it’s important to be aware of potential risks. These can include infection, scarring, changes in nipple or breast sensation, and complications related to anaesthesia. However, by choosing a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon (like those here at the Badge Clinic), following pre- and post-operative instructions, and maintaining a positive mindset, you can mitigate these risks and increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.

    What are the Benefits of a Breast Lift?

    A breast lift has several benefits, including enhanced breast shape, improved firmness, and a more youthful appearance. This procedure can boost confidence and self-esteem by addressing concerns related to sagging or asymmetrical breasts. Additionally, a breast lift can provide long-lasting results, contributing to overall satisfaction with one’s body image. Consulting with one of our qualified plastic surgeons will allow you to discuss your specific goals and understand how a breast lift in Turkey can positively impact your life.

    Breast Lift FAQs

    Breast lift Turkey surgery is a highly personalised procedure that will differ between patients. You should do it for yourself, not to fulfil someone else’s desires or to try to fit any sort of ideal image. 

    You may be a candidate for breast lift surgery if: 

    • You are physically healthy. 
    • You are concerned by the feeling that your breasts sag or have lost shape and volume. 
    • Your breasts have a flatter, elongated shape or are pendulous. 
    • When unsupported, your nipples fall below the breast crease. 
    • Your nipples and areolas point downward. 
    • You have stretched skin and enlarged areolas. 
    • One breast is lower than the other. 

    During your breast lift recovery, dressings or bandages will be applied to the incisions after the procedure is completed. You’ll need to wear an elastic bandage or support bra to minimise any swelling and support your breasts as they go through the healing process. A small, thin tube may be temporarily placed under the skin to help drain any excess blood or fluid that may collect. You will be given specific instructions that may include: 

    • How to care for your breasts following surgery. 
    • Medications to apply or take orally to aid healing and reduce the potential for infection. 
    • Specific concerns to look for at the surgical site or in your general health. 

    The results of your breast lift surgery will be immediately visible. Over time, post-surgical swelling will resolve, and incision lines will fade. Satisfaction with your new image should continue to grow as you recover from surgery, with the final results of your breast lift appearing over the next few months as your breast’s shape and position continue to settle. 

    Following your physician’s instructions is essential to the success of your surgery. It’s important that the surgical incisions are not subjected to any excessive force, swelling, abrasion or motion during the time of healing. Your doctor will give you specific instructions on how to care for yourself. The incision lines are permanent but will continue to fade over time. 

    The results of your Mastopexy Turkey surgery will be long-lasting. Over time, your breasts can continue to change due to ageing and gravity. You’ll be able to retain your new look longer if you: 

    • Maintain your weight 
    • Keep a healthy lifestyle 
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