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Chin surgery, otherwise known as Mentoplasty, is a surgical procedure that helps to reshape the chin either by enhancement with an implant or reduction surgery on the bone. If you are someone that has always been self-conscious about the shape or size of your chin, at Badge Clinic we can look to help with expert chin surgery in Turkey that will sculpt the perfect shape and help you restore confidence in your appearance.

A plastic surgeon may recommend chin surgery or other cosmetic surgery Turkey procedures to a patient that is considering a Rhinoplasty to achieve better facial proportions, as the size of the chin may magnify or minimise the perceived size of the nose, as well as cheek reduction surgery to sculpt the face shape further.

To see if you are eligible for chin surgery in Turkey, please complete our enquiry form and book your free online consultation. We look forward to discussing your concerns with your chin and looking at offering suitable treatment for the results you want.

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    Chin Reduction Surgery Pros & Cons

    Plastic surgery procedures like chin reduction surgery can often be performed on the lower jaw line and chin area to improve the proportions of the face and to help with your body confidence and self-esteem. Suggested by board-certified plastic surgeons, they can improve the harmony of facial features and improve the chin/jaw/cheek/forehead balance. Sometimes this may involve face implants too that will further sculpt the face shape. Here are some considerations to make before proceeding with this type of surgery.

    Improved facial harmony – Chin reduction surgery can help achieve better facial balance and harmony by reducing an overly prominent or protruding chin. It can help the chin be in better proportion with other facial features.

    Enhanced self-confidence – Many individuals who undergo chin reduction surgery report an increase in self-confidence and improved body image. You may feel more comfortable and satisfied with your facial appearance, leading to a positive impact on your overall well-being.

    Customised results – Chin reduction surgery can be tailored to your specific needs and the desired results you’re looking for. The procedure allows for a precise reduction and reshaping of the chin, ensuring a result that aligns with your aesthetic goals.

    Permanent results – The results of chin surgery in Turkey are typically long-lasting, providing a permanent solution to address chin size and shape concerns.

    Minimal scarring – Incisions are usually made within the mouth or along natural creases beneath the chin, resulting in minimal visible scarring.

    Recovery period – After chin reduction surgery in Turkey, there will be a recovery period during which swelling, bruising, and discomfort may occur. It may take several weeks for the initial swelling to subside and several months for the final results to become evident. Adhering to aftercare instructions is crucial to ensure proper healing.

    Changes to facial profile – While chin surgery is intended to enhance facial harmony, there is a possibility that altering the chin size and shape may have an impact on the overall facial profile. It’s important to discuss your expectations and concerns with the surgeon during your consultation. We will only proceed with surgery if it is ideal for you, and we can achieve the results you’re looking for.

    Chin Reduction Surgery Costs in Turkey vs UK

    We know that the costs of cosmetic procedures are an important consideration for many people, especially when looking at your options of having treatment in the UK or elsewhere in the world. Turkey is renowned for medical tourism, attracting patients from the world over thanks to lower costs of procedures like chin surgery and double chin removal surgery. Here at Badge Clinic, we can provide affordable packages that when compared to the same treatment in the UK may save you money on the total cost. This is while receiving treatment from leading, fully qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeons who put patient care as the highest priority. 

    Your safety is never compromised and the latest advancements in cosmetic surgery are available to ensure the results you’re looking for. Whilst costs may be less, this doesn’t reduce the quality of treatment. You can rest assured that you will receive the same level of patient care and qualified treatment as you would in the UK here at Badge Clinic. Our standard packages include the costs of treatment bespoke to you as well as 5-star hotel accommodation and VIP transfers during your stay. 

    Chin Surgery & Double Chin Removal Surgery Process

    Why Choose Badge Clinic for Your Chin Reduction Surgery

    Whether you are wanting to achieve a more defined chin with double chin removal surgery, a smaller, less prominent chin with chin reduction surgery in Turkey, or are looking to sculpt your chin into a more desirable shape, we can help at Badge Clinic. We are renowned for medical excellence with world-class surgeons able to provide precise and high-quality results. During a consultation, we will be able to match the right course of treatment to maximise the results you’re looking to achieve.  

    All procedures take place in internationally certified hospitals, using the latest advancements in cosmetic surgery that will help to provide the ideal results with minimal discomfort. Our ultimate aim is to provide you with satisfaction that results have been achieved and you can return home happy with the results, with our medical on hand whenever you need us. Discover more in our patient guide on what you can expect when booking with Badge Clinic, and arrange your free consultation today. 

    Chin Reduction FAQs

    Chin implants and chin surgery (Genioplasty) are both effective procedures for chin augmentation, but their suitability depends on individual factors. Chin implants involve the insertion of a silicone implant to enhance the size and shape of the chin. Genioplasty, on the other hand, involves reshaping the chin bone to achieve the desired aesthetic outcome. The choice between the two depends on factors such as your goals, anatomy, and our recommendation for the results you want to achieve. Both procedures can provide excellent results, so during your consultation we can discuss the best option for you.

    The cost of chin surgery in Turkey can vary depending on several factors, including the specific technique used and the results you are looking to achieve. Generally, chin surgery costs in Turkey may be more affordable compared to other countries such as the UK, but the exact price can only be determined after a consultation. We offer affordable procedure packages at Badge Clinic, so we can discuss your budget and the results you’re looking for.

    During chin surgery, you will be under anaesthesia, so you should not feel any pain during the procedure itself. After the surgery, it is common to experience some discomfort, swelling, and soreness in the chin area. The level of pain experienced will vary from person to person, but most patients find the discomfort tolerable with proper pain management and when adhering to the aftercare instructions. It is important to communicate any concerns or unusual pain levels to your surgeon, who can provide guidance and support throughout the healing process.

    Yes, chin implants can provide natural-looking results for the right person. The shape, size, and placement of the implant are carefully selected to achieve harmony with the surrounding facial features. The surgeon will consider your facial anatomy and desired outcome to ensure the implant looks natural and proportional.

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