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A neck lift is a surgical procedure that improves the appearance of the visible signs of ageing in the jawline and neck. As we get older, the loss of youthful contours in the face and neck can start to show, causing concern for many due to the sight of wrinkles and sagging skin. Due to a variety of factors including heredity, gravity, environmental conditions and stress, neck lift surgery can be the solution many are looking for.

At Badge Clinic, we can provide expert neck lift Turkey surgery that will help to restore your neck’s appearance and fight the signs of ageing or even dramatic weight loss. Our rejuvenation cosmetic surgery Turkey procedures can be performed in conjunction with a neck lift if required, providing you with a personalised treatment plan unique to your needs. This can include a brow lift, to correct a sagging or deeply furrowed brow, fat transfer, to add fullness to the lips and cheeks and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, or eyelid surgery, to rejuvenate ageing eyes.

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    What is Neck Lift Surgery

    Neck lift surgery is a transformative procedure that can improve your overall appearance. When performed alongside other face and body rejuvenation surgeries, you can turn back the clock to a more youthful, firmer and smoother appearance. It can resolve: 

    • Excess fat and skin relaxation in the lower face that creates jowls 
    • Excess fatty deposits under the chin 
    • Loose neck skin 
    • Muscle banding in the neck, which creates abnormal contours 

    When performed successfully, under the expert eye of our qualified cosmetic surgeons, you will immediately see results from a neck lift in Turkey. During a consultation, we can assess the skin on your neck and explain the best course of treatment to restore your youthful facial structure. 

    We may also recommend other surgery to address any other concerns, such as face implants that can contour the shape of your face to complement a neck lift, as well as otoplasty turkey surgery that focuses on your ears to help align with your face shape.  

    Types of Neck Lifts

    There are several types of neck lifts that are designed to address different concerns and achieve your desired results. These are: 

    Cervicoplasty – which focuses on removing excess skin and tightening the neck muscles. 

    Platysmaplasty – which primarily targets the platysma muscle, responsible for the appearance of neck bands and sagging. 

    Liposuction can also be performed as part of neck lift surgery to remove excess fat deposits and improve your neck’s contour. Some individuals may benefit from a combination of these techniques or procedures like a face lift or chin augmentation to achieve comprehensive rejuvenation.  

    During your consultation with one of our qualified plastic surgeons, we’ll be able to determine the most suitable type of neck lift, or even mini neck lifts if only minor concerns, depending on the results you are wanting to achieve. 

    The Neck Lift Process

    Why Choose Badge Clinic for Your Neck Lift Surgery

    At Badge Clinic, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and our exceptional track record of delivering outstanding results for our patients. When it comes to your neck lift surgery, we understand the importance of precision and skill to achieve natural-looking results for you. Our team of highly skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeons uses the latest techniques and state-of-the-art technology to perform neck lift procedures with utmost precision and minimal scarring. This is within our world-class facilities in internationally certified hospitals to ensure your peace of mind when travelling to Turkey for this procedure. 

    With a patient-centric approach, we tailor each treatment plan to meet your unique needs and beauty goals, ensuring personalised care throughout your journey. At Badge Clinic, your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we strive to create a comfortable and supportive environment for every patient. Trust us to enhance your appearance and boost your confidence with our expert neck lift Turkey surgery. 

    Neck Lift Cost

    The costs of a neck lift will vary between patients depending on the results you want to achieve, which is why your free medical consultation is crucial. As the neck lift cost will be determined by the type of surgery you have as well as any other facial aesthetic treatment in your package, we will discuss the costs and provide an affordable option for you. Remember, this cost also includes accommodation in a 5-star hotel throughout your stay, as well as VIP transfers between the airport, your hotel, and the facilities. 

    Overall, the cost of your neck lift Turkey surgery will consider your budget and will hopefully work out considerably less in comparison to the same surgery in the UK or elsewhere, whilst still providing the exact results you’re seeking from world-class surgeons.  

    Neck Lift Consultation

    A consultation will ensure we can fully assess your suitability for a neck lift and recommend the best course of action. If you have different body concerns alongside wanting neck lift surgery, we can tailor treatment to include other options too. We’ve helped patients with a rhinoplasty and cheek reduction surgery amongst other body aesthetic treatments so that you can make your journey to Turkey a truly transformative one. If during your consultation we do not feel a neck lift is suitable, we will advise this, as we only want to proceed with surgery if it can provide the results you’re looking for.  

    Neck Lift Surgery FAQs

    In general, good candidates for a neck lift include: 

    • Healthy individuals who do not have medical conditions that impair healing. 
    • Non-smokers. 
    • Individuals with a positive outlook and realistic expectations. 

    Some people feel they are not ready for a full facelift because the upper face is still pleasing to them, with only concerns about their neck. However, many other patients will come to us with excess wrinkling of the neck skin, a double chin or “turkey wattle”, and jowl lines.  When the neck area doesn’t match the upper facial appearance, a neck lift may be a good solution. This will be fully assessed during consultation. 

    During your recovery from neck lift surgery, a bandage may gently be placed around your face and neck to minimise swelling and bruising when your procedure is completed. A thin tube may be present to drain any excess blood or fluid that may collect under the skin. 

    You will be given specific aftercare instructions that may include how to care for the surgical site and drains, medications to apply or take orally to aid healing and reduce the potential for infection, and specific concerns to look for at the surgical site or in your general health. 

    It is important to keep your head elevated above your heart to minimise swelling and to keep your head straight (no excessive twisting or bending of the neck). DO NOT APPLY ICE to the neck as this can compromise blood flow and result in ‘skin death’. 

    As you begin to look at your neck lift results, please remember that it may take several weeks to months for swelling to fully dissipate and up to six months for incision lines to mature. Life-long sun protection and a healthy lifestyle will help extend the results of your rejuvenated, more youthful appearance. As swelling and bruising subside, the visible improvements of a neck lift will appear. 

    It is important that the surgical incisions are not subjected to excessive force, abrasion or motion during healing and recovery. You should also avoid wearing any clothing that must go over your head. Your doctor will give you specific instructions on how to care for yourself once returned home. 

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