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Terms & Conditions

The entity providing the services in this website is Badge Clinic LTD, whose business address is 71-75 Shelton Street, London, Greater London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ, registered in the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales with the company number 12340022.


The present general conditions regulate the terms and conditions of use of and its subdomains, property of Badge Clinic LTD. The access, browsing and/or use of the website imply the total acceptance of these terms.


User is understood as the person who accesses, browses and uses the website, as well as the services and / or contents available in it.


The browsing, access and use of the web portal do not require prior registration.


The access to the website by underage is understood to be expressly authorized by their parents, guardians or legal representatives, who will be responsible for the acts that the underage carry out as users of the web, in accordance with the applicable regulations.


The user must respect the terms and conditions established in these general conditions of the website use. The user will use the portal diligently and assuming any liability that may arise from the breach of the rules.


Likewise, the user may not use the portal to transmit, store, disclose, promote or distribute data or contents that are carriers of viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or impair the operation of any program or IT or telecommunications equipment.


In order to access the website and the services offered, a device with Internet access is needed that complies with the hardware and software compatibility requirements (which may vary over time). The user is aware that these factors can influence the performance of the website and access to its services.


Badge Clinic LTD is not responsible for deficiencies in the performance of the website due to the use of inappropriate devices, or for interruptions of Internet service for any reason.


Badge Clinic LTD has adopted the necessary measures to avoid possible security breaches in the website in accordance with the state of the technology, but the absolute impossibility of vulnerability of said measures can not be guaranteed. Therefore, the user knows and accepts that the website does not grant any guarantee of any nature, whether express or implied, about the data, content, information and services that are incorporated and offered in it.


Badge Clinic LTD is not responsible for the legality of those third-party websites from which they can access your website, nor is it responsible for the legality of other third-party websites that may be linked or linked from its website.


Badge Clinic LTD will try, as far as possible, to update and rectify that information hosted on its website. However, any responsibility is excluded for damages of any nature that may be due to the lack of truthfulness, accuracy, completeness and / or timeliness of the contents transmitted, disseminated, stored, made available, received, obtained or to which has been accessed through the web.


The user assumes that in case of making decisions based on the information provided on the website, the responsibility will be exclusively of the user, not being able to make any claim to Badge Clinic LTD for the consequences of the decisions taken.


Responsibility of Badge Clinic LTD


Badge Clinic is responsible for organizing user’s medical treatment with his/her selected treatment provider. The organization of user’s accommodation as well as airport and urban transfers are optionally included as well.


User’s treatment plan is based on the evaluation of his/her exchanged pictures, test results and long distance communication. Therefore changes in the actual treatment plan may occur following physical examination performed by the treatment provider. By accepting these Terms user agrees that the service provider is responsible for any malpractice only in case that he/she has gross fault during the operation.


As part of this contract, Badge Clinic LTD will provide user with schedules containing the following information:

a) Information about user’s treatment or package (including the date of the procedure)

b) Information about the costs of user’s treatment or package;

c) Information about visa and passport requirements (this information can also be obtained from;

d) Information about user’s accommodation;

e) Information about user’s designated driver for transfers


Badge Clinic LTD do not operate or control the services offered by accommodation, travel or transfer companies. By accepting this Terms & Conditions, user agrees that use of third party providers is without warranties of any kind by Badge Clinic LTD. Under no circumstances is Badge Clinic LTD liable for any damages arising from the transactions between user and third party accommodation, travel or transfer providers. Badge Clinic LTD advises user to obtain and read all of the third party provider’s terms and conditions before acquiring booking from Badge Clinic LTD.


If Badge Clinic LTD has to cancel or change user’s booking, user will be contacted. In circumstances stated below, user can choose to rearrange his/her procedure with Badge Clinic LTD FREE OF CHARGE or cancel his/her booking and get a refund after deduction of admin and cancellation fees of £100.00. However, Badge Clinic LTD is not responsible for any other losses or expenses user may suffer because of circumstances beyond the control of Badge Clinic LTD including: a) Flight delays or cancellations b) Terrorist activity, war c) Civil unrest, strike d) Bad weather such as hurricane, flooding etc. e) Earthquake or health pandemic


If user wishes to postpone his/her surgery day Badge Clinic LTD needs to receive a 4 weeks notice in advance (30 days) prior to the day of surgery, otherwise, Badge Clinic LTD will not be able to postpone the surgery. Any surgery postpones requests notified to Badge Clinic LTD in the time stated, will be subject to availability.


User Responsibility
By accepting these terms and conditions, user agrees to share any information about his/her medical condition. For the preparation of an individual and appropriate treatment plan, user is responsible for providing correct information regarding his/her medical condition by filling the form at


By accepting this Terms & Conditions, user agreed on sharing the details of his/her medical history, including pictures, test results, prescriptions and x-rays with the service provider and Badge Clinic LTD. Badge Clinic LTD is not liable if the medical history form has not been completed thoroughly or honestly or if any information is deliberately withheld.


User is responsible for ensuring he/she has a valid passport, a visa (if necessary) and other relevant documentation. If asked for, user is responsible for submitting, in advance of travel, passenger information to the airline.


User accepts that in the event of his/her failure to satisfy the requirements or the information or documents provided by him/her being incorrect, user may be refused carriage and entry to the country of visit. User accepts and acknowledges that in the event of this eventuality he/she will be solely responsible for all resultant losses and Badge Clinic LTD will accept no responsibility or liability thereof. User is solely responsible for any fines or costs (including the costs of an immediate return flight) he/she receives because of his/her failure to travel with the required passport, visa or other documentation. Badge Clinic LTD accepts no liability in this situation and no compensation, expenses, refund or other sum will be paid.


Terms of Payment
User needs to make a down-payment after he/she comes to an agreement with Badge Clinic LTD for the medical package or procedure. This down-payment will be used to guarantee user’s hospital, accommodation and VIP transfer arrangements. Unless the down-payment is made, Badge Clinic LTD is not responsible to make the required arrangements for treatment and related services.


Down-payment amount will be determined during the discussions between Badge Clinic LTD and user. This down-payment will be hold by Badge Clinic LTD and accepted as forfeit


Money. If user unilaterally cancels the treatment, the down-payment won’t be paid back.


User may cancel the treatment free of charge if: (i) A medical report provided by a physician indicates that user is not eligible for the treatment (ii) or for the travel (user must present


Badge Clinic LTD up to three (3) weeks after cancellation the official report signed by a physician stating user’s non-eligibility to travel); (iii) In case of natural disasters such as earthquake or war.


The design, images, signs, distinctive signs, commercial name, brands, logos, products and services, etc. containing the Web are protected by the Industrial Property Law and are owned by Badge Clinic LTD, without it being understood that the use or access to the website and / or the services provided therein, gives the user any rights on the aforementioned design, images, signs, distinctive signs, commercial name, brands, logos, products and services.


Likewise, the website, its source code and the contents accessed through this site are the intellectual property of Badge Clinic LTD and / or third parties, without being understood to be assigned to the User in any case.


Badge Clinic LTD is the owner or licensee of all rights to the content of the website and the services offered through it. Access to the website or its services does not grant users the right, nor any ownership over intellectual or industrial property rights over the contents it houses. The user acknowledges and accepts that its use is strictly prohibited, as well as its reproduction, communication and / or distribution, modification, alteration or decompilation, whether for personal, private and non-profit purposes or for commercial or lucrative purposes.


Badge Clinic LTD reserves the right to exercise legal actions against users who violate or infringe intellectual and industrial property rights.


The present conditions are governed by the law of the UK, and is subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the UK. All the notifications, requests, and other communications that the user wishes to make to the Badge Clinic LTD must be made written and it will be understood that they have been correctly made when they have been received at the following address


Badge Clinic LTD can add new functionalities to the website at any time and / or modify the current general conditions of use. In this case, the update will be published on the website so that the user has knowledge of it. If the user uses this website after any modification made to these conditions of use, it will be considered that accepts the terms resulting from said modification.


Last update made on May 9, 2020.


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